SENSUS 6 Hydrogen UAS

SENSUS 6 Hydrogen UAS We have released the SENSUS 6 UAV. A complete ecosystem for aerial applications. From Industrial surveys to Cinematography. Defence and security surveillance to Energy applications. With […]

Industrial UAV With Extended Flight Time

Industrial UAV with extended flight time Flight time and range have always been at the forefront of the drone developer’s mind. With smaller, domestic UAV starting with a flight time […]

Kurdistan UAV H2S Survey

ISS Aerospace Sensus L Hydrogen Fuel Cell Payload

Kurdistan UAV H2S Survey We are proud to announce that we were successful in completing the first commercial contract for a client using a Hydrogen fuel cell UAV.  This was […]

Total METIS Papua New Guinea

Total METIS Papua New Guinea A documentary from Total of our recent pilot project trip to Papua New Guinea for the Total METIS project. ISS Aerospace designed and manufactured the […]