The Sensus M4E-FW 35 is a long range, high endurance VTOL fixed wing UAV. Its flight capabilities are a combination of lightweight carbon fibre structure, aerodynamic design and efficient power plant and drive train. It is designed for wide area 

Using the ISS Aerospace Unified Avionics Architecture (UAA), gives a seamless experience across fixed wing, single rotor and multirotor platforms, as well as a trusted and well proven avionics backbone. The platform is available with dedicated CPU/GPU options for real time data analysis, and is agnostic to the C2/Datalink, allowing for versatile integration options with end user systems. The UAS has a open system architecture and allows the end user to install and develop applications on the onboard computing environment, with a full IP based network to the payload and ground. 

Available Payloads
Technical Specification



Cruise Speed

Maximum Speed

Stall Speed

Maximum Payload

Wind Resistance

Flight Time (0kg Payload)

Flight Time (3kg Payload)

VTOL Propulsion

Cruise Propulsion

Power Source

3,500 mm

1,860 mm

21 m/s

30 m/s

15 m/s

3.0 kg

Grade 6: 17 m/s

3.25 hrs

2.5 hrs

4x Electric Motors (24″ Prop)

1x Electric Motor (21″ Prop)

62,000mAh 6S Lithium Polymer