tactical UAV for time critical tasking
Tactical UAV for time critical tasking

WASP is a robust, tube-launched UAV representing next generation technology for semi-autonomous aerial systems.  Inherently flexible, it delivers game-changing, cost-effective capability enhancement to a wide range of users.  Applications include detector and effector missions.

WASP is man portable and deployed in < 3 seconds.  The launcher can be operated physically by a person, or remotely if mounted on a vehicle, infrastructure, or ship.  The UAV transitions to conventional multi-rotor flight after an initial rocket launch.  Mission dependent, the whole system is
re-usable.  It can be stored for many years and remain ready for
rapid use.  

The UAV is equipped with a high-performance gimbal mounted EO/IR camera with range finder, plus a modular payload system up to 1.5kg .  The payload can be delivered accurately to 24km.  Resilient communications enable shared, real-time feed and hand-over of control options. Open system architecture enables wide interoperability.  WASP is swarming capable.

Operational Uses

Find & Understand. Multi-domain situational awareness and threat assessment.

Strike.  Loitering weapon platform for C-sUAS, ground attack or maritime force protection.

Sustain. Urgent medical deliveries for preservation of life.

Technical Specification


Power Source


Maximum Payload


Maximum Speed

Maximum Flight Altitude

Maximum Flight Time (No Payload)

Maximum Flight Time (With Payload)

138 x 550 mm

Thermal Battery/Rocket Motor

4.9 kg

1.5 kg

6.0 kg

25 m/s


30 mins

20 mins