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ISS Aerospace is a UK-based UAS manufacturer specialising in the design, development and production of high-performance integrated UAV platforms. ISS Aerospace's product portfolio includes a range of multi-rotor UAVs, including the Sensus S (Small), M (Medium) and L (Large). These are designed to provide reliable, high-precision and cost-effective solutions for a range of applications such as mapping, surveying, inspection and surveillance.

ISS provides a range of services, including custom design and engineering, training, and technical support. The company's experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and to develop customized UAV solutions that meet their needs. ISS has a strong focus on research and development, continuously improving its products and services to remain at the forefront of the UAV industry. The company collaborates with leading academic institutions and research organizations to develop new technologies and to explore new applications for UAVs. ISS has an impressive track record of successful projects, both domestically and internationally. The company has delivered UAV solutions to clients in various industries, including oil and gas, construction, agriculture, and defence. ISS's products and services have been recognised for their quality and reliability.

Why Choose ISS Aerospace


ISS Aerospace was established in 2015 to build on a decade of experience with professional UAV platforms by the company’s founder. Since that time, we have designed, built and operated UAS systems for missions all over the world. Our systems have mapped potential unexploded ordinance in the Middle East, dropped biodegradable wireless seismic geophones into the jungles of Papua New Guinea, measured trace gasses in Kurdistan, surveyed power lines in Saudi Arabia and demonstrated rapid deployment of defensive systems at sea and land to name but a few.


The directors of the company have decades of operational and management experience at senior levels in Oil & Gas, Renewables, Built and Natural Environment, the Military and Defence Contractors. We have a unique insight into what is required of systems and can work closely with our clients to design platforms, develop systems or to plan and operate a range of missions. On the technical front we utilize experienced aerospace and mechanical engineers for our designs, as well as experienced software engineers for command and control systems.

Operational Activities

We have built-up a vast experience of working in the often challenging areas where our clients operate. We do not just offer a platform but have designed and built systems to meet these challenges:

Research Activities

Challenging operational conditions require innovative solutions. ISS Aerospace has worked hard not only to develop innovative sensors with its technical partners but also to drive out weight to extend endurance and range. Since its inception, we have

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