Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Delivering an Autonomous Future


ISS Aerospace designs, builds and operates cutting edge unmanned aerial systems for a wide-range of international clients. Our systems are designed to collect meaningful information or to work as autonomous or semi—autonomous effectors under challenging conditions. We take pride in working closely with our clients to provide an end-to-end service from specification to operational service. We offer both the Sensus 4 and Sensus 8 as "off the shelf" systems in both a industrial and defence format.

World-Leading Capabilities

Since we use our systems ourselves, we understand the value that they can bring to our clients but we also understand the challenges of operating them in difficult environments and over large areas. In particular, we understand the challenge of working with the limited endurance / range of most systems currently on offer. We have addressed this critical issue by partnering with Intelligent Energy, who have developed unique, light weight hydrogen fuel cells. Many of our platforms benefit from the huge endurance advantage that these provide, allowing missions that would have been unachievable using conventional systems.

“What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems… There's no law of physics preventing them”
- Michio Kaku

Why Choose ISS Aerospace


ISS Aerospace was established in 2015 to build on a decade of experience with professional UAV platforms by the company’s founder. Since that time, we have designed, built and operated UAS systems for missions all over the world. Our systems have mapped potential unexploded ordinance in the Middle East, dropped biodegradable wireless seismic geophones into the jungles of Papua New Guinea, measured trace gasses in Kurdistan, surveyed power lines in Saudi Arabia and demonstrated rapid deployment of defensive systems at sea and land to name but a few.


The directors of the company have decades of operational and management experience at senior levels in Oil & Gas, Renewables, Built and Natural Environment, the Military and Defence Contractors. We have a unique insight into what is required of systems and can work closely with our clients to design platforms, develop systems or to plan and operate a range of missions. On the technical front we utilise experienced aerospace and mechanical engineers for ourdesigns, as well as experienced software engineers for command and control systems.

Operational Activities

We have built-up a vast experience of working in the often challenging areas where our clients operate. We do not just offer a platform but have designed and built systems to meet these challenges:

Research Activities

Challenging operational conditions require innovative solutions. ISS Aerospace has worked hard not only to develop innovative sensors with its technical partners but also to drive out weight to extend endurance and range. Since its inception, we have

Take a peek inside our facilities

ISS Aerospace currently has 5,000sq/ft of facilities dedicated to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Soon to expand, we will double this footprint, allowing for a much greater manufacturing and development capacity.

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