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Efficiency and cost control or safety and reducing environmental impact are just some of the needs that this industry is being driven by. The drones available from ISS Aerospace are capable of capturing high-quality orthoimages by spanning entire mining operations faster and also more economically than any other method.

Each drone is equipped with high-resolution cameras which can be used for surveying purposes to create 3D maps of mining sites, helping companies to better understand the layout and composition of the reserves they are extracting. They are also used to inspect mining infrastructure. This includes pit walls, haul roads or tailings dams. With the use of high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology. Drones can provide detailed images and data on the condition of equipment.

Sensors monitor mining operations and measure stockpiles. They also measure emissions and provide real-time data on factors. These include ore quality or volume and movement to optimise production or detect potential problems. Additionally, drones are used to monitor potential safety hazards including rockfalls or unstable slopes without putting workers or staff in danger.

ISS Aerospace drones are robust and reliable and can carry a variety of sensors. Their ability to fly Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) means that they can be used in remote areas with difficult access. Please contact us for more information on our mining applications.

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