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The global agriculture industry are continuously looking to improve efficiency and increase yields. Being useful tools to achieve these objectives, drones are non-invasive and provide real time data.

Equipped with sensors, drones capture high-resolution images of crops and create detailed maps of fields to monitor crop health over time, they also provide information to farmers to help them make better decisions about irrigation and fertiliser application or pest management. Any high-resolution images of fields also reveal bacterial infections and diseases or pest invasions on crops. Drones are also equipped with spraying equipment and apply pesticides and fertilisers precisely and efficiently therefore reducing waste and improving yields in specific parts of fields. In addition, they are also used to monitor livestock including counting cattle or checking on their health and welfare.

With the ability to integrate payloads such as multispectral and thermal cameras to measure soil temperatures and moisture, map elevations or help plan irrigation and help farmers anticipate crop maturity for harvest planning, our drones are particularly suitable because they can be flown manually or autonomously. They can integrate a variety of sensors and because of their lifting capacity and endurance. For more information, please contact ISS Aerospace.

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