Strengthening Defence Bonds: ISS Aerospace Returns From Recent UK-Ukraine Trade Mission To Seal Promising Partnerships

In a landmark display of technological prowess and strategic partnership, ISS Aerospace attended the most recent UK trade mission to Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion. Amidst a delegation of 29 UK businesses, ISS Aerospace showcased its cutting-edge capabilities and UxV platforms, particularly spotlighting defence-focussed systems such as the WASP, Sensus MX-8 Heavy Lift UAV, and The Sensus L, equipped with a 4-6 round cassette dropper.

The signing of the UK-Ukraine defence agreement in Kyiv served as a backdrop to ISS Aerospace’s demonstration of excellence, underscoring the pivotal role of innovation in shaping future defence landscapes. As delegates converged to explore opportunities for collaboration, ISS Aerospace showcased the fusion of advanced technology and tactical payload systems, poised to redefine the contours of defence cooperation with great EO/IR attachments and weaponised platforms.

CEO Ryan Kempley commented

“Being one of the 29 companies to showcase our capabilities in Ukraine fills me with immense pride! ISS Aerospace’s participation in this monumental trade mission underscores our commitment to advancing global security through innovation and strategic partnerships. Our showcase of the WASP, MX-8, and Sensus L exemplifies our dedication to shaping the future of defence cooperation and safeguarding shared interests.”

ISS Aerospace presented its flagship UAV systems, each filled with trusted technology and all made in Britain. The WASP, renowned for its agility and reconnaissance capabilities, stood as a testament to ISS Aerospace’s commitment to delivering actionable intelligence in complex operational environments and also having the capability of carrying warheads to double-up as an unmanned rocket-propelled missile. The MX-8 Heavy Lift, with its unparalleled payload capacity of up to 215kg, emerged as a cornerstone for logistical support and strategic mobility, poised to revolutionise supply chain dynamics in defence operations.

However, it was the Sensus L, equipped with a cassette dropper, that stole the spotlight, showcasing ISS Aerospace’s ingenuity in addressing emerging threats and operational requirements. With its state-of-the-art technology and modular design, the Sensus L promises to enhance situational awareness and deliver precision munitions deployment, offering a decisive edge in modern warfare scenarios.

As the UK and Ukraine embark on a new chapter of collaboration, ISS Aerospace’s participation in this historic trade mission stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, paving the way for enhanced cooperation and collective security in an ever-changing world.

Read the official press release fro,m The Ministry Of Defence and Department of Business And Trade here.