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This industry is concerned with efficiency, cost control and safety. Drones can help achieve these objectives through a variety of means.

The drones available from ISS Aerospace are used for inspection purposes to monitor nuclear facilities including spent fuel pools and waste storage areas using high-resolution cameras or other sensors. When equipped with radiation sensors, they can be used to monitor radiation levels in and around facilities, helping to detect leaks or other issues that could pose a threat to workers or the public. They respond to nuclear emergencies like accidents or leaks and can provide real-time video feeds and other data to emergency responders, helping them to make informed decisions about how to contain the situation. Our systems are also used for security purposes including monitoring the perimeter of nuclear facilities or identifying potential security threats.

ISS Aerospace’s drones are especially suited to these applications because of their ability to integrate a number of sensors, including cameras that can provide high resolution images and sensors to detect radiation. The ability to fly autonomously means that the regular monitoring of sites can be automated. Please contact us for more information on our nuclear applications.

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