A little something we have been working on at ISS Aerospace as part of our recent work with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority & Defence and Security Accelerator for the Remote Monitoring of Sensitive Sites competition ….

Completely autonomous from start to finish. It’s launched in response to alerts from deployable, unattended ground sensors. While en-route to the location, the onboard processor slews the camera towards the trigger location, initiating a search for anything unusual or any person or vehicle that shouldn’t be there. Upon detection, the camera locks onto the target and directs the UAV to follow.

In real-time, the coordinates of the person or vehicle, along with information such as license plate details, are relayed to remote and mobile security operatives. This allows for real-time coordination and apprehension of any intruder or safety threat to a sensitive location.

Our system is completely modular, consisting of a multitude of ground sensors, including the capability to integrate with existing legacy systems. The sensor technology is based on LoRaWAN, which enables extended multi-year deployment time between battery recharges. The UAV itself can be containerized or deployed ad hoc. Command and control can be local and manual or remote and fully autonomous, depending on the end user’s CONOPS.

The EO/IR – ISR payloads are currently utilising NextVision Stabilized Systems Ltd.‘s versatile range of gimbal cameras.