SENSUS 6 Hydrogen UAS

We have released the SENSUS 6 UAV. A complete ecosystem for aerial applications. From Industrial surveys to Cinematography. Defence and security surveillance to Energy applications. With the ability to be reconfigured in the field between its Hydrogen Fuel Cell version, and the battery variant. It allows for ease of choice between long flight times or super heavy lift applications. There is no limit imposed on the user to chose one platform over another now.

ISS SENSUS 6 UAV integrates IE’s highest power FCPM and is designed for long endurance commercial, energy, defence and security applications.

As the leader in fuel cell power products for the UAV market, IE offers the lightest and most power dense, certified products available on the market. As well as their compact design, the products offer many advantages for commercial ,defence and security UAV users, including providing a solution to the current issue of endurance for companies that need longer flight times, like inspection services, delivery, hydrocarbon emissions, defence and security applications.

Today’s product launch joins the existing hydrogen fuel cell UAV product line from ISS and offers customers even more endurance than ISS’s SENSUS 4 quadcopter, which integrates IE’s 800W FCPM. The addition of SENSUS 6, means that customers requiring even greater lifting capability and increased payloads, can now benefit from fuel cell powered UAVs.