Meet The Team - Balazs Rigo

| Mon, 4 December 2023

Balazs Rigo - UAV Hardware Systems Engineer

It is our pleasure to welcome Balazs Rigo, our new UAV Hardware Systems Engineer.

Balazs comes to us with a strong background, having successfully completed his internship as a Junior Engineer at a small rocket start-up business. We are thrilled to have him transition into this vital role where he will be at the forefront of our aircraft hardware innovations.

Balazs is a proud graduate of The University Of Sheffield, where he honed his skills and passion for UAV technology. Notably, he served as a project lead for Project Hex and several other drone operations, showcasing his expertise and innovative mindset in the field. His academic achievements and practical experience make him an invaluable addition to our team.

In his role as UAV Hardware Systems Engineer, Balazs will be at the forefront of our aircraft technology. He’ll be responsible for hardware updates and configurations, ensuring our UAV fleet remains at the cutting edge of innovation. He brings a range of skills from his internship and university course, and we are confident that his attention to detail and problem-solving skills will enhance the performance and reliability of our UAV systems.

To get to know him better, we interviewed Balazs. Watch the short video interview below ⬇️