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UAV Usage in Mapping & Surveying

Since they became commercially viable, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have played a fundamental role in mapping and surveying across a range of sectors, and are fast becoming the industry standard. UAVs help save potentially billions of dollars each year globally by increasing efficiency while reducing cost, time to complete surveys, and improving worker safety. Using UAS for surveying and mapping offers the ability to obtain high quality data and measurements easily, at low cost and in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. It also reduces or eliminates risk to surveyors having to visit hazardous areas or work in hostile environments.

Reduced Survey Time

Surveys performed using Unmanned Aerial Systems can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Immediate Data

Analyse survey data in real time to inform better decisions and improve datasets whilst on location.

Reduced Costs

UAS operating costs are a fraction the cost of traditional methods like helicopters and planes.

Mapping & Surveying using a drone | ISS Aerospace

Low Maintenance

We carry the tools and spares needed to repair and maintain our UAV platforms on location.

Better Worker Safety

Use UAVs in harsh and hostile environments and for tasks that would otherwise be dangerous for humans.

Adaptable & Versatile

Our UAVs can be fitted with multiple sensors to enable multiple surveys whilst on location.

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Industrial UAS LIDAR Surveying | ISS Aerospace

LIDAR Mapping & Surveying

UAS LIDAR surveying and mapping is employed for a wide range of sectors including forestry, defence, energy, environmental and pollution, navigation, geology, architecture, restoration visualisation and even gaming. LIDAR has even been employed by NASA to map the topography of Mars. The ability to quickly and accurately survey vast swathes of land is appealing to surveyors in many industries. UAS LIDAR provides a precise solution which recognises smaller objects such as powerlines, where visual photogrammetry would be less effective.

UAV Photogrammetry

There are situations where UAV photogrammetry may be preferable to LIDAR surveying and mapping. While LIDAR creates a 3D point cloud, photogrammetry stitches images together to create a 3D model that is most true to the real world. For a number of visualisations this may be preferable to a UAV LIDAR survey such as surveys for construction, defence and agriculture.

UAV Photogrammetry Survey | ISS Aerospace
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UAV Thermal Imaging Survey | ISS Aerospace

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging sensors can be deployed on our UAV platforms for various industrial applications including tracing problems in electrical systems, flare detection, furnace defects, pipework issues, mechanical overheating, and more. These industrial surveys can greatly reduce the time required to detect faults when performed by drone and therefore represent a great financial and time saving. Not to mention reducing the need to put human operators into dangerous environments.

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