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Industrial Drone Inspection Services

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have become an integral part of inspection services across a range of industries. As an example, according to a 2018 report form the Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition, two thirds of energy companies are already using drones, this is set to increase in the coming years. UAVs are particularly impactful for potentially dangerous and/or laborious inspections, surveys and audits, such as wind turbine inspection, solar panel farms, and oil and gas well inspections. As specialists in both platform and sensor technology, we can develop and manufacture bespoke sensors or integrate existing technology to suit your application. UAV and UAS have a huge range of inspection capabilities and are able to operate where other means, such as manpower, helicopters and planes may not.

Reduced Inspection Time

Reduce the amount of time it takes to completed inspections for bridges, cell towers, oil rigs and more.

Access Extreme Heights

Inspect cell towers, tall buildings and structures that would otherwise be inaccessible for detailed inspection.

Reduced Costs

UAS operating costs are a fraction the cost of traditional methods like helicopters and planes.

UAS Inspection - Cell Tower

Reduced Downtime

Carry out inspections in adverse weather conditions and with minimal downtime without causing risk to life.

Improved Worker Safety

Use UAVs in harsh and hostile environments and for tasks that would otherwise be dangerous for humans.

Confined Spaces

Use autonomous vehicles to access confined and dangerous spaces without endangering workers.

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Bridge Inspection

Our UAV inspection equipment can be employed to replace traditional bridge inspection equipment such as aerial work platforms, under-bridge inspection vehicles, or workforce members using ropes, rigging and ladders. Each option poses a number of issues which can be avoided when employing UAS. Bridge inspection by traditional methods will most often require the closing of part or all of the bridge while inspection services are carried out, causing infrastructure issues and delays to road users and public transport services. Unmanned Aerial inspection systems can replace traditional bridge inspection and survey methods, eliminating many of the issues encountered via traditional inspection methods. UAVs are also used to make photogrammetry 2/3D models of bridges for design and modelling.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Industrial climbers are exposed to dangerous conditions and still unable to effectively inspect wind turbine blades. Using UAVs to inspect wind turbine means high quality, detailed data can be quickly and easily sent to operators for analysis without placing workers in a hazardous situation. ISS Aerospace UAV inspection systems can be used to visually inspect wind turbine blade damage, detect overheating using thermal sensors and use high-zoom cameras and data to detect issues in hard to reach places.

Wind Turbine Inspection by UAS | ISS Aerospace
Using UAS to inspect Gas and Oil Pipelines | ISS Aerospace

Pipeline Inspection

The use of UAV and UAS technology in the oil and gas industry has increased at a rapid rate in recent years, a trend which is set to continue. Drones can quickly and easily overcome common operational challenges such as safety and efficiency, while improving worker safety, saving cash and having little impact on the environment. Pipeline inspections are carried out across thousands of miles of pipeline each month globally, as damaged pipes can be disastrous for profit margins, wasted asset and the local eco-system. Using our UAV systems to carry out pipeline inspections ensures fast, comprehensive data is delivered in real time, saving money and time on pipeline inspections in any environment.

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Oil Rig Inspection

Traditional oil rig inspections are notoriously complex, hazardous and time consuming, not to mention expensive and inefficient. The use of UAVs is fast becoming a preferred method of oil rig inspection, including the monitoring and inspection of flares, support structures, cranes, drilling rigs turbine exhausts, and production platforms. Our UAV inspection systems can provide oil rig inspection services, with no need for shutdowns, manpower or equipment and safety costs. UAV inspections take as much as 80% less time than manual inspections and can be completed in a fraction of the time. Drone inspection data is sent directly to data analysts, saving time and delivering high quality inspection data immediately to where it is required.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Oil Rig Inspection Services | ISS Aerospace
Cell Tower Inspection using drones | ISS Aerospace

Cell Tower Inspection

ISS Aerospace UAS inspection services are an effective and safe way to inspect cell towers quickly and efficiently. Traditionally, cell tower inspections bore considerable risk to the climber, with a number of safety challenges. They required heavy, expensive equipment, unlike UAV inspection services. ISS Aerospace inspection services can employ thermal imaging, LIDAR, and other sensors and monitoring systems to carry out detailed cell tower inspections while saving time, reducing cost, and improving worker safety. In the future cell tower inspections should become an automated process, with aerial UAV inspections being carried out regularly with little human intervention. Detailed inspection data is available to analysts immediately, and tower models can be built using photogrammetry from drone data.

Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services

ISS Aerospace provides an end-to-end unmanned aerial inspection services including manufacturing, systems and operation. Serving a broad range of sectors including energy, construction and agriculture, we design, develop and manufacture UAV platforms and payloads for industrial applications. Find out more about our manufacturing services.

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