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UAS Services

Here at ISS Aerospace we offer a full range of services from UAV prototyping to manufacture through to piloting, data capture and analytics. As a result, we can tackle harsh and hostile environments, take on tasks that otherwise wouldn’t be safe for a human to perform and cover a wide range of tasks across multiple industries including energy sector, construction and environmental surveying.

UAV Applications 

Examples of applications using our Unmanned Aerial Systems are listed below.  



UAS Mapping & Surveying

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) offer a stable and versatile platform from the physical frame of the drone through to the systems and software that enable it to fly. These aircraft are ideal for mapping and surveying, offering the perfect platform for bathymetric, lidar and photogrammetry payloads. Discover more about ISS Aerospace’s UAS mapping and surveying services.

UAS Mapping and Surveying Services | ISS Aerospace
Unmanned Aerial Systems Oil Rig Inspection Services | ISS Aerospace

UAV Inspection Services

Many inspection tasks from oil rigs to wind farms are inaccessible or unsafe for humans to perform the task. Our UAS services are an ideal solution for inspecting large industrial or architectural objects like bridges and skyscrapers. See how you could use UAVs to perform inspection tasks.

UAS Operations on location

ISS Aerospace has conducted operations and provided client support on all 7 continents as well as delivering our Unmanned Aerial Systems to over 30 countries. We are, therefore, well versed in mobilisation of support and repair services and their associated logistics. We have the ability to design and operate both the system and the mission. For clients who want to undertake their own flight operations we can provide flight training, system training and knowledge transfer.

UXO Detection UAVs

Unexploded Ordinance Detection represents a huge challenge in many parts of the World. The use of UAVs has radically reduced the danger to workers on the ground and made it possible to cover more ground rapidly. Our UXO Detection Platform can detect single munitions or entire caches below the surface of the ground.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Sensors and Payloads | ISS Aerospace
Unmanned Aerial Systems Data Capture and Analytics | ISS Aerospace

Data Capture & Analytics

The results from a project are defined not by the hardware of the UAV, but by the quality of the data captured. This is where ISS Aerospace’s end to end service including software, payload deployment, piloting and data capture comes into its own. Find out more about how we gather and analyse data for our clients.

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