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UAV Use in the Energy Sector

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) play an important and ever-increasing role in the energy sector. UAVs help save potentially billions of dollars each year globally by increasing efficiency, reducing cost and time to complete audits and energy surveys, and improving worker safety. ISS Aerospace UAV systems can increase efficiency and complete energy inspection and audit tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a human worker in most cases, and eliminate the need for planes, helicopters and climbers to undertake these tasks, dramatically reducing energy survey costs. Helicopters and planes are also unable to detect finer details such as rust, missing pins and damaged insulators, and may require shutdowns, where UAS do not.

Gas Sensing UAVs

UAVs offer a quicker and safer way to perform gas surveys, detect gas leaks & detect other noxious chemicals.

Increased Quality of Data

Get real-time data feedback from surveys to make informed decisions and gather richer data.

Reduced Costs

UAS operating costs are a fraction the cost of traditional methods like helicopters and planes.

Increased Coverage

Cover more ground during energy surveys and detect more with a wider array of sensors and payloads.

Improved Worker Safety

Use UAVs in harsh and hostile environments and for tasks that would otherwise be dangerous for humans.

Environmentally Friendly

Implement biodegradable payloads and reduce the impact on important ecological environments.

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Gas Surveying UAVs

ISS Aerospace Unmanned Aerial Systems provide autonomous drone solutions for the gas surveying and unmanned aerial leak detection. In September we launched our pioneering modular, hydrogen fuel cell UAV platform: Sensus. Lightweight and air-cooled, the Sensus is available with a wide range of payload and in-house sensors available, and an extended flight time of up to 120 minutes when using a three-litre hydrogen cylinder. This makes Sensus a highly customisable off-the-shelf solution for gas surveys and leak detection in the field.

Gas Sensing UAVs

ISS Aerospace UAV systems provide a safe and efficient way to access, sense, and monitor gases with a high degree of accuracy and send data directly to the operator in real time for visualisation and analysis. We manufacture UAV platforms ideal for integrating a broad range of data sensors and flight sensors for thermal imaging tasks. Whether you’re looking to integrate existing payloads into our airframes or develop bespoke solutions we have the experience to take your idea from concept through to a fully realised, fully operational UAV.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered UAV

Unmanned Aerial Systems Gas Sensing Video

Watch the first commercial operations of our Hydrogen fuel cell powered Sensus UAV in partnership with Intelligent Energy. Combined with parts per billion H2S and S02 gas sensors, developed in partnership with Flux Labs. These are the most sensitive UAV mounted sensors currently available.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging has a huge range of applications, not least in the energy industry. Industrial UAV thermal imaging can be used to trace problems in electrical systems, flare detection, furnace defects, pipework issues, mechanical overheating, and more. Thermal imaging UAS can also be used to improve mechanical efficiency, monitor steam trap conditions, and minimise loss and waste.

Chemical Detection

We have designed a UAV system for airbourne contamination and chemical detection. Natural and pipeline gas leaks cost money, efficiency and if left unrecognised can cause serious safety issues. Our UAS detection can quickly locate gas leaks and send quality, actionable data to analysts in real time. Coupled with real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, ISS Aerospace UAS can quickly build a 3D model of the surrounding landscape and any potentially hazardous conditions or terrain.

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Remote Sensing

UAV systems have a wide range of applications in remote sensing for the energy sector, and are widely used in solar and wind farming as well as in power plants, over power lines, and construction. UAS payloads and sensors can include thermal, LIDAR, visual and other sensors tailored to their mission. High volume, high quality data can be transferred to data analysts and in a high level of detail, in real time.

End to End Energy Sector UAV Services

We understand our energy sector clients needs and can take their concept, mission, or payload from the idea stage right through to commercialisation or active service. We are able to support the whole technology readiness spectrum.

ISS Aerospace is a full service unmanned aerial vehicle and systems manufacturer. Serving energy sector clients for the past 5 years, we design, manufacture and operate Unmanned Air Systems (UAS). We produce cutting edge, bespoke, cost effective solutions as an end to end service as well as operational services.

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