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Deploying UAVs Within Industry

ISS Aerospace operates in numerous sectors. Our combined knowledge and experience covers a wealth of operational challenges and scenarios. As with all we do, we both manufacture and operate the unmanned aerial systems that we design. We have deployed our UAV services across a wide range of industries and sectors in the past including energy, environment, defence, surveying, mapping and surveillance and law enforcement. Each industry brings its own unique set of challenges, as a result we have developed new airframes, alternative fuel sources and bespoke payloads and sensors including several world-firsts.

UAVs in the Energy Sector

We cover a broad range of services for the energy sector including chemical detection, thermal imaging, remote sensing and gas sensing. All using UAVs to provide services that are otherwise dangerous, time consuming or in some cases just not possible. Historically we’ve operated our industrial UAVs all over the world, offering our UAS services to energy suppliers in the US, Middle East and Europe. Find out more about what ISS Aerospace does in the energy sector.

Environmental UAV Applications

One of the core parts of our business is producing and operating systems for environmental applications. Core to this now is fugitive emissions studies, where we are currently the leader in airborne, drone mounted PPB chemical sensors. Find out more about the range of sensors we have deployed in the past.

Extended Range UAVs

Deploying UAVs for industry brings a whole new set of challenges. Traditional battery-powered UAVs have short flight times and slow recharging capabilities, and remote locations make it impractical to transport large quantities of spare batteries. At ISS Aerospace we have worked with our partners Intelligent Energy to develop a UAV that uses a hydrogen fuel cell to deliver flight times that are four or five times longer as well as fast refueling times. This means that less time is wasted between passes and the overall cost of surveys, inspections and missions decreases.

UAVs in Industry

Industrial UAVs cover a wide range of applications. Typically where data sets need to be created in order to further an industrial task, ISS Aerospace can provide or manufacture a suitable data capture platform. This includes aerial magnetometer systems, ground penetrating radar, and LiDAR as typical examples.


UAVs in agriculture will be fundamental to future farming yields. Unmanned vehicles can offer both practical assistance as well as data for analytics. Crop spraying drones are a fast maturing sector in practical applications. The ISS Aerospace SENSUS UAV is also an ideal choice for multi spectral surveys. In its Hydrogen form, able to cover many hectares of land in a single flight.

UAVs in the Defence Sector

ISS Aerospace actively works in the defence sector. Producing prototype systems for research and development trials, as well as robust off the shelf UAS for mission critical applications. We work closely with the major defence primes on cutting edge projects.

Aerial Surveillance & Law Enforcement

UAS have found their way into the world of law enforcement as ideal platforms for traffic surveillance and crime prevention. Offering a significant saving over the alternative, a helicopter, the use of drones by police forces around the world has increased in recent years. Discover more about UAVs in law enforcement.

VTOL UAV testing | ISS Aerospace

Aerial Cinemtography

ISS Aerospace, whilst primarily targeted at the energy, environment and defence sectors, was born out of aerial filming roots, before the practical uses of them in industry had been identified. There is now a resurgence for super heavy lift platforms in aerial cinematography. ISS brings to this sector much needed aerospace and defence standards and features.

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