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  • Sensors & Payloads for UAS

Cutting Edge UAV Payload Integration

One of the key features of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used in industry is the wide range of sensors available, making UAS suitable for a huge range of applications. Sensors are at the heart of our business. Specialists in aerial LiDAR, and the first company to produce an industrial grade LiDAR mapping platform. We have also successfully integrated FLIR thermal sensors, Geiger counters, gas and contaminant sensors, magnetic field sensors and almost all optical technologies.

Versatile Surveying

Our UAVs can be fitted with a range of sensors to enable multiple surveys whilst on location.

Reduced Costs

Save budget by combining numerous surveys into one mission with multiple sensors on a single UAV platform.

Better Worker Safety

Use UAVs in harsh and hostile environments and for tasks that would otherwise be dangerous for humans.

Instant Data

Get more detailed survey and inspection data and deliver it to the right people instantly.

Reduced Survey Time

Save time by covering large areas more quickly and completing multiple surveys at the same time.

Environmentally Friendly

Implement biodegradable payloads and reduce the impact on important ecological environments.

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Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar is a powerful tool for subterranean measurements. Sensors are available in high and low resolution formats with corresponding shallow and deep penetration capabilities. In ideal conditions the GPR sensor can record data down to 170m. Data is mapped and combined with the UAV RTK positioning, for precise geolocated data.

UAV Photogrammetry Survey | ISS Aerospace


LiDAR uses the same principles as RADAR, however it uses light as its source. Bouncing photons off of the target and looking at the reflected light, it builds up a 3D point cloud of the target. Typically, this is in the order of millions of points per second operating at a range up to 100m. We use Yellowscan, Astralite and Riegl sensors on our industrial LiDAR drones depending on the level of detail required.

UAV Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry technology builds up an interactive 3D model of the subject from a number of still 2D images, creating a more realistic map than LiDAR. Typically, photogrammetry may be used to survey the distance between objects, such as rock faces, buildings, and for use in transport networks. This is particularly useful for producing maps of large areas, and terrain elevation models.

Radiation Detection

Using UAS for radiation detection allows surveying of areas too hazardous for workers to enter. The scope for this is wide, from routine monitoring to site surveys from disaster zones, or where there has been a sizeable radiation release into the atmosphere. So far, we have successfully used aerial Geiger tubes, and are actively working on aerial Germanium detectors. Our UAV platforms are also ideal for chemical detection and gas sensing.

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Corona Camera

A relatively new technology, corona effect cameras allow visual detection of electrical discharges and arcs. Corona cameras are used in UAV surveying to detect electrical discharge and weak spots on pylon and other electrical power networks. We have produced a fully working aerial remote vehicle carrying a corona daylight camera, and actively inspected a live pylon tower for structural weaknesses.

Magnetometer UAV Sensors

Magnetometers are widely used in oil and gas mapping and surveying, as well as geographical and archaeological mapping. We have successfully integrated advanced Magnetometers suited for Unexploded Ordinance Detection into our unmanned aerial vehicles, capable of detecting ferrous materials down to 2m. We have developed and built specialist UAV drone platforms to carry arrays of these sensors for large area coverage for a range of sectors and applications.

UAS Aerial Surveillance and Law Enforcement | ISS Aerospace

UAV Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors detect certain characteristics of their surroundings, including heat, by emitting or detecting infrared radiation. Infrared sensors are used in UAS mapping and surveying for a number of applications including electrical thermographic surveying, gas detection, oil rig monitoring and fault detection, and building thermography.

Large Payload UAV Services

Whether you’re looking for a UAV that can support an array of different sensors from Bathymetric LiDAR to Chemical Detection or just need a solution to transport a large or heavy payload by autonomous vehicle ISS Aerospace can help. 

We specialise in high payload UAVs suited for industrial applications including logistics and surveying. If you have a more specific or bespoke sensors requirement get in touch to see what we can offer.

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