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VTOL & UAV Rapid Prototyping

We provide a rapid prototyping service delivering proof of concept designs and flight envelope testing for UAVs as well as exploring alternative solutions to meet our client’s goals. We integrate our technologies and those of our trusted partners into systems that can make a transformational improvement to the cost effectiveness and safety of client operations, starting with rapid UAV prototypes. Rapid UAV prototyping provides a quick turnaround solution with definitive answers and solutions relating to the original design brief. This testing can be invaluable for early issue detection, design optimisation and accelerated design-to-production times. Our experts are on hand to work with you to create your custom VTOL and UAS prototypes. ISS Aerospace has progressively brought in-house more and more of its VTOL UAS manufacturing to give close control on the quality of our UAV platforms and the ability to make rapid prototype design changes. We specify top quality materials and take great care in our manufacturing processes so that our prototypes are robust enough for the hardships of vigorous testing and beyond into the field.

Flight Envelope Testing

We test the aerodynamic capabilities and performance of our UAV prototypes through rigorous testing.

Proof of Concept

From the initial concept we design & build prototypes to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology.

World Firsts

We've achieved many World firsts over the past 5 years with our prototype UAVs blazing a trail across the industry.

Payload Integration

We're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible with UAVs including payload and sensor integration.

Material Stress Tests

Part of prototype testing is ensuring that the raw materials are fit for purpose structurally.

Fast Process

This whole process is turned around quickly to fit in with your internal decision making process.

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UAV testing and prototyping | ISS Aerospace

Flight Envelope Testing

When it comes to aerodynamic capabilities, top speeds and maximum payloads, our flight envelope testing services are essential to the success of your project. We assess the flight-readiness and mission-suitability of the design and feedback with quantifiable performance data.

Proof of Concept Testing

Whether you’re looking for a new solution to an age-old problem or attempting to do something completely new, we can provide proof of concept on your designs or needs. We can test multiple concepts and discover which one delivers the best solution.

VTOL UAV testing | ISS Aerospace

Accelerated Design-to-Manufacturing

The ability to produce rapid prototypes quickly can help move the UAV design-to-production process forward over a shorter time frame. Concepts can be realised more quickly and fully tested before the design is put into production.

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Producing UAV Prototypes

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality bespoke and off-the-shelf UAV solutions to our clients, this extends to our rapid prototype service. We are able to produce almost all of the mechanical components of our airframes utilising our 3D printers and digital CNC mills and routers. This means your concept can be realised using bespoke parts produced as a one-off run for testing and proof of concept purposes. There’s no need to waste time producing bespoke tooling, we can design and manufacture your UAV quickly on-site.

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