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High Endurance Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAVs

High Endurance UAVs are always top of the list of demands from our industrial Unmanned Aerial Systems clients. At ISS we are continually innovating and developing new technologies in order to maximise the flight time of our UAV platforms. Batteries have long been the obstacle in drone flight and range advancement, adding weight and limiting flight time. At ISS Aerospace we have worked extensively to create a first-of-its-kind hydrogen fuel cell powered UAV, capable of up to 120 minutes flight time. Using ultra-light carbon composite fuel cylinders from AMS Composite Cylinders, Sensus is the first off-the-shelf UAV product of its kind. Hydrogen fuel solutions for UAS are a reliable, efficient, and clean alternative to battery powered UAS. With increased efficiency, reliability and the removal of many flight time and range obstructions imposed by battery power, ISS Aerospace hydrogen UAV solutions are gaining traction fast.

Extended Flight Time

With 120 minute flight times our Sensus UAV platform is ideal for longer missions and intense data capture.

Fast Refuelling

No more waiting for batteries to charge, refuel less often and in a fraction of the time.

Low Maintenance

Hydrogen canisters are lightweight, robust and low maintenance, ideal for deployment in hard-to-reach locations.

Long Range UAVs

With longer flight time comes the chance to gather more data and cover more ground.


Take your drones further with our longer range platforms and allow operators to work BVLOS.

Environmentally Friendly

Our hydrogen fuel cell powered Sensus UAV is a zero-emission platform; reducing environmental impact.

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Extended Flight Time

Hydrogen fuel cells can be selected according to the current mission, ensuring the UAS never carries more weight than necessary. The hydrogen fuel cell powered ISS Aerospace Sensus UAV quadcopter can operate for up to 120 minutes when using a 3 litre AMS cylinder. These cylinders are tough and lightweight; keeping the platform weight down to reduce any impact on range.

Speed of Refuelling

Refuelling a hydrogen powered UAV typically takes just 3-5 minutes and is required less frequently than many battery powered alternatives, offering the ability to tailor hydrogen fuel capacity to the mission. Drones with hydrogen fuel cells need to be refuelled less often meaning less time is lost to refuelling or charging.

Potential Savings for BVLOS Operation

The potential for extended flight time and range offered by hydrogen fuel cell UAV increases the potential for beyond the visual line of site (BVLOS) use. This kind of UAV deployment requires an affordable green energy option for extended use. With the ISS Aerospace Sensus UAV platform now capable of 120 minute flight times due to its hydrogen fuel cell, we are able to reduce costs and offer a zero emission UAV.

Sensus Hydrogen Powered UAV in Operation

Watch the first commercial operations of our Hydrogen fuel cell powered Sensus UAV in partnership with Intelligent Energy. Combined with parts per billion H2S and S02 gas sensors, developed in partnership with Flux Labs. These are the most sensitive UAV mounted sensors currently available.

Sensus Industrial UAV With Extended Flight Time & Range

In September 2019, we premiered our pioneering modular hydrogen fuel cell UAV platform – Sensus at DSEI 2019 at ExCel London. 

Sensus is the first of its kind; an off-the-shelf UAV solution capable of flight times of up to 120 minutes when using a 3 litre AMS cylinder. Sensus weighs just 7kg and is available with a wide range of cylinder and payload options, tailored to the needs of each client.

Ryan Kempley, CEO and Founder of ISS Aerospace, explains: “Sensus is a unique proposition, offering a versatile, off-the-shelf platform that can be adapted to meet the requirements of a wide range of surveying applications, in challenging environments across the globe.

We set out to create a sub-7kg UAV that could carry a substantial payload for over an hour – something that could only be achieved by using the latest fuel cell technology. Working together, the Intelligent Energy fuel cell and AMS cylinders enable Sensus to stay in the air for longer and to carry heavier loads, opening up new possibilities across a variety of industries.”

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Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered UAV & UAS

Hydrogen fuel applications for UAS technology offer a range of benefits over its battery powered predecessors.

Long Endurance

Hydrogen powered UAVs have an advantage over  their battery-powered counterparts when it comes to extending flight times and therefore mission range.

Efficient & Reliable

Hydrogen fuel solutions for UAS offer a safe, clean and efficient source of energy, reduce the demand for materials via reusable cylinders, and are highly reliable in operation.

Low maintenance

Hydrogen will not dissipate until used, giving it long storage times and peace of mind that cells left for long periods of time will still perform optimally. Cylinders require little maintenance, and quickly and easily replaced when necessary.

Clean & Quiet Operation

Hydrogen fuelled UAS such as the ISS Aerospace Sensus UAV operate longer than their battery powered counterparts, with continued low noise and heat outputs, as well as producing zero emissions.

Extended Flight Time UAVs

ISS Aerospace specializes in identifying and procuring the right commercial and military-grade, off the shelf components for integration into our systems.

Used alongside our own manufactured parts this gives the right blend of ruggedness and cost-efficiency for any particular mission profile. Our relationship with suppliers and partners means that we can frequently modify a piece of equipment to ensure that the system functions to the clients’ specialized requirements.

The use of our hydrogen fuel cell Unmanned Aerial Systems allows extended flights times, maximising the time available for surveying, mapping and deploying an array of specialist payloads.

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