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ISS Aerospace is an industrial UAV manufacturer and supplier based in the UK creating industrial specified UAVs with bespoke, high-grade components. We’ve produced several world-firsts including the Hydrogen fuel cell UAV technology for extended range. At ISS Aerospace we work with a wide range of industries including energy sector, industrial inspection, surveying and environmental causes, all utilising Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

UAV Airframes

ISS Aerospace is a capable UAV designer and manufacturer. All of our UAV airframes are developed and built in house by our team of experts. Using cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to ensure aerospace grade quality of our systems. Whether you're looking for a UAV to deploy a dedicated payload or a stable platform for surveying or inspection services, ISS Aerospace can manufacture an airframe suited for your application.

UAV Technology

To meet our clients’ needs we run a host of high-end manufacturing equipment. These include high end Carbon Fibre and Metal 3D printers. 4-axis CNC mills and routers. Complete carbon fibre prepreg vacuum systems and vacuum forming. The result is UAVs with stiff and robust airframes making them ideal for industrial applications. Discover more about the technology behind or drone platforms.

Industrial UAVs

We specialise in Industrial UAVs designed to incorporate a variety of payloads capable of capturing data in arduous, harsh and hostile environments. Unlike small hobbyist drones our UAVs are large, robust aircraft capable of autonomous flight, algorithmically controlled payload deployment and data capture through advanced sensors. Find out more about what makes our industrial UAVs stand out from the crowd.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAVs

ISS Aerospace is responsible for a world first in the industrial UAV space. We have partnered with Intelligent Energy to produce the World’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered industrial drone. With an extended range and flight time and quick and easy refuelling on location, these UAVs are ideal for missions requiring 4 to 5 times longer in the air to maximise on data capture. Find out more about our hydrogen fuel cell platform.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered UAV
Industrial Drone | ISS Aerospace

Sensors & Payloads

Part of the UAS services we offer is the support for third party or bespoke payloads and sensors. Whether you’re looking to deploy a specific existing piece of technology like lidar sensors, cameras or geophone darts, the UAV platforms we manufacture can be adapted to be the ideal solution for your payload. ISS Aerospace has been involved in a variety of projects across the globe for companies looking to deploy creative solutions, where there isn’t a suitable a system out there already, we just manufacture it ourselves. Find out what other types of payloads we’ve worked with in the past.

UAV Rapid Prototyping

As well as manufacturing industrial UAVs, we also offer a prototyping service, working towards technical briefs to provide proof of concept through rapid prototyping and test flights. Looking to demonstrate whether or not UAVs would be a suitable method for your intended application?

Rapid Prototyping and Testing | ISS Aerospace
Commercial Off The Shelf Unmanned Aerial Vehicle | ISS Aerospace

Commercial Off The Shelf UAVs

As well as producing bespoke UAVs designed specifically for the end-user’s application, we can also produce commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) UAV platforms. Over the years we have refined our airframe designs and now produce a range of UAVs that are versatile and ready to have payloads fitted to suit your purpose. Take a look at our range of UAV platforms.

Drone Avionics

We have access to and use a host of Avionics packages. These include Pixhawk 2.1, Cloud Cap Piccolo, Lockhead Kestrel, Micropilot and our own propriety drone autopilots. We are experienced integrators of these systems being able to fully exploit them to their fullest potential. Find out more about our UAV avionics.

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