Phase One Demonstration Platform

ISS Aerospace designed and manufactured the unmanned aerial vehicle and payload systems for the Total METIS project. The first phase of this program was successfully demonstrated in Papua New Guinea in December 2017. This was a novel new system for remote placement of geophones into primary jungle environments in a bid to cut down on the enviromental impact of Oil & Gas exploration.

  • Autmatic flight operation from start to finish
  • 360 degree collision avoidance
  • Dual redundant GPS
  • Laser altimeter for terrain hugging
  • 4 bay dart drop system
  • Long range video link
  • Hexacopter configuation with 18″ carbon propellers

Total METIS geophone dart survey in Papua New Guinea

See the METIS UAV platform in action in Papua New Guinea for a geophone surveying project we developed and operated for Total.

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