Total METIS UAV Fleet

Total METIS Multirotor

Coaxial Octocopter UAS

ISS has been working on the Total METIS project for several years now. Manufacturing and designing the original drones that went to Papua New Guinea for the proof of concept phase. This turned into a great success, proving the concept, and setting the project up for its next phases.

Fast forward to 2019 and ISS Aerospace has again designed and manufactured the unmanned aerial systems for the new phase of works. A fleet of 6 UAVs working in unison, swarming autonomously to achieve their mission. 

It would be no understatement to suggest these UAVs are the most complex commercial/industrial UAS on the market. 

  • Coaxial Octorotor with 30″ propellers
  • MTOW 50KG
  • Payload capability of 20kg
  • Unique docking ring in the core of the UAV to create a central payload bay
  • MAVLINK companion computer for guided missions
  • 360 Degree collision avoidance
  • Ballistic parachute recovery
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