ISS Sensus UAV

Chemical Detection UAS

We recognized a need for an off the shelf system for airborne contamination and chemical detection. So form this the Sensus platform was born. Design to be a modular system for multiple sensor systems. Its primary payload is able to detect over 70 separate chemical substances in the atmosphere. Combined with RTK positioning means we can rapidly build up a 3D model of the surroundings and any potentially hazardous conditions. The platform can also accommodate Magneotmeters, Gravity sensors, and gamma detectors for a full spectrum of hazardous environment detection.

  • Modular payload system
  • RTK navigation
  • Optical flow and IR precision landing technologies
  • Collision avoidance
  • Sub 7kg all up weight
  • 35 minutes flight time
  • IP65 environmental protection

To find out more about how the Sensus can be adapted to incorporate different payloads and fuel sources, get in touch today.

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