Lilypad by Marshall Futureworx


Offshore wind farm inspection services using resident robotic ecosystem.

Lilypad - by Marshall Futureworx

Marshall Futureworx, the venture building and advanced technologies arm of Marshall of Cambridge, in partnership with ISS Aerospace and, has unveiled details of the first in a suite of new product lines and services it will be bringing to market to support ever increasing demand for secure and renewable energy. The ground-breaking new system, Lilypad, is an ecosystem of multiple autonomous BVLOS UAVs which utilise artificial intelligence and navigational sensors to provide dynamic and on-demand offshore inspection services - revolutionising the way operators are able to monitor real-time performance of their wind farms. The UAVs are deployed from dedicated offshore charging stations and monitored by a single remote pilot stationed in an onshore command and control centre. Vital inspection data and reports are then transmitted back to the wind farm operators, enabling faster, more frequent, reliable and predictive maintenance scheduling and more effective utilisation of assets.