Leading Aerospace Capabilities

Creative UAS design from a world-class team

Our Mission

ISS Aerospace is an established, UK-based company specialising in bespoke, autonomous systems with applications in wide-area operations undertaken by the Energy and Defence sectors. We are a nimble developer of disruptive technology in an underpopulated segment of the market, ISS has several world firsts to its name and has contracts with major clients in both sectors. Focus is given to the wider value of the integrated system rather than the unmanned vehicle alone. This includes development of autonomous air, marine and land carriers designed for challenging day-to-day operations.


ISS Aerospace has a strong senior management team. A unitary executive board has been put together of high profile individuals all with appropriate business and technical experience. Supporting and advising the CEO and CTO. We are looking to employ and contract a diverse range of licensed pilots, aeronautical engineers, systems engineers, electronics engineers and UAS specialists.


We have close links to well respected universities and research establishments in the aerospace and autonomous systems sector. We work closely with Oil & Gas primes. We actively look for collaboration opportunities with our peers as believe the current disjointed nature of the industry needs to be unified, under common goals.

Facilities & Location

We have state of the art facilities for rapid prototype manufacturing. Especialy versed in additive manufacturing. Our facilities are both secure and safe. Built on a strong safety culture, and strong security ethics, especially considering the majority of our work is of a sensitive nature. We adhere to strict quality control standards. Have high levels of aviation and product liability insurance. Our IT network is secured to stringent national standards and we are fully covered for cyber security breaches. Located within easy access of the M4 and A34 we are well positioned for ease of access to our clients and for deploying our staff nationally and globally.

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