UAS Systems & Technology

A New Frontier of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Airframes

ISS Aerospace is a capable unmanned aerial systems designer and manufacturer. We design and manufacture all of our UAV airframes in house. Using cutting edge technology and avanced techniques toensure aerospace grade quality of our systems.

Drone Avionics

We have access to and use a host of Avionics packages. These include Pixhawk 2.1, Cloud Cap Piccolo, Lockhead Kestrel, Micropilot and our own propriety drone autopilots. We are experienced integrators of these systems being able to fully exploit them to their fullest potential.

UAV Sensors

As front line system integrators, we are able to integrate any sensor package into our off the shelf platforms, or on our bespoke unmanned aerial vehicles. These include gas & chemical sensors, LiDAR, depth cameras, multi spectral & IR sensors, magnetometers, EM loops, SLAM mappers and traditional CMOS sensors in excess of 150 megapixels.

UAS Manufacturing

To meet our clients needs we run a host of high end manufacturing equipment. These include high end CarbonFibre and Metal 3D printers. 4-axis CNC mills and routers. Complete carbon fiber prepreg vacuum systems and vacuum forming. In addition other proprietary manufacturing and testing technologies.

Aerial Payloads

The sky is literally the limit in this arena. Our core business from the beginning was to be able to take any payload and place it in an autonomous vehicle. If there wasn't a suitable system out there already, we would just manufacture it. This has evolved over the years, as had technology, and the ever moving cutting edge of prototype electronics. Most of our work has involved world firsts. We were the first company to produce survey grade industrial LiDAR systems on small autonomous platforms. The worlds first to successfully conduct magnetometer field surveys by drone. And the worlds first to drop geophones systems into challenging jungle environments from our custom payload systems.

Command & Control

Communications between operators and platforms is more important now than ever before. With increasing drone traffic in our skies, increasing ranges, flights beyond visual line of sight, and the emergence of autonomous systems. It is critical to have robust links to the unmanned vehicles. We manufacture in house complete ground control stations for out platforms. Including MIL-SPEC hardened, encrypted radio links. Capable of creating Ethernet bridges between operator and UAV at 100mbps out to 60km. Our tracking antenna systems can extend this to over 100km, and our iridium satellite links means UAV command and control around the globe

Research & Development

We are actively invested in multiple research and development tracks. These include autonomous systems, novel UAV propulsion systems, hybrid aircraft, novel disruptive drone platforms, marine vehicles, weapon systems, unmanned combat air vehicles and novel techniques for the oil and gas industry.