Piloted, Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Unmanned Systems

Serving the Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial, Defence and Environmental Sectors

Aerospace Research & Development

ISS has considerable experience and expertise in novel unmanned air systems development. We are well positioned to tackle the current cutting edge research needs of our industry. We are actively pursuing our own range of intellectual property and research and development goals. Giving the industry greater tools and technology than ever before. We also understand our clients needs and can take their concept, mission, or payload from the idea stage right through to commercialisation or active service. We are able to support the whole technology readiness spectrum.

UAV Manufacturing and Systems Design

ISS Aerospace has progressively brought in-house more and more of its manufacturing to give close control on the quality of our platforms and the ability to make rapid design changes. We are able to produce almost all of the mechanical components components of our airframes utilizing our 3D printers and digital CNC mills and routers. We specify top quality materials and take great care in our manufacturing processes so that our platforms are robust enough for the hardships of operational use wherever they are deployed

Systems Design and Testing

ISS Aerospace not only manufactures its own UAV platforms but also integrates the appropriate data sensors, flight sensors, delivery systems, conflict avoidance, communications packages, software and safety features into the right airframe for the mission. Once designed and integrated, the entire system is reviewed on our dynamic test rig and in our climate chamber. Motors are run-in to ensure that they are working correctly. This rigorous process allows us to test the platform and systems in representative conditions and helps too ensure that problems are kept to an absolute minimum. We can also test our clients’ existing UAVs and systems to provide them with the comfort that their operations will not be interrupted at critical times.

Operations Services

ISS Aerospace has conducted operations and provide client support on all 7 continents and have delivered our products to over 30 countries. We are, therefore, well versed in mobilisation of support and repair services and their associated logistics. We have the ability to design and operate both the system and the mission and, given our backgrounds, can frequently also help in the analysis, interpretation and mapping of data acquired. For clients who want to undertake their own flight operations we can provide flight training, system training and knowledge transfer.

Integration of Commercial and Military Off the Shelf Technology

ISS Aerospace specializes in identifying and procuring the right commercial and military-grade, off the shelf components for integration into our systems. Used alongside our own manufactured parts this gives the right blend of ruggedness and cost-efficiency for any particular mission profile. Our relationship with suppliers and partners means that we can frequently modify a piece of equipment to ensure that the system functions to the clients’ specialized requirements.

Payloads & Sensors

ISS Aerospace is well aware that a UAV is only a means of deploying a sensor, an effect or a piece of equipment. We understand that the end result is what the client contracts us to provide or to help them obtain. The payload and mission is therefore key. Sensor technology is advancing so rapidly that it is difficult for non-specialist clients to keep up with the capability on offer and how this might benefit their business. As specialists we pride our selves on keeping abreast of the latest developments in both platform and sensor technology and where possible providing input in the development of both. We can, therefore, advise our clients on latest developments and help them visiualise how these might be employed to give prime-mover advantage.

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