Civilian & Military Unmanned Systems

Serving the Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial & Military Markets

Aerospace Research & Development

ISS has considerable experience and expertise in novel unmanned air systems development. We are well positioned to tackle the current cutting edge research needs of our industry. We are actively pursuing our own range of intellectual property and research and development goals. Giving the industry greater tools and technology than ever before. We also understand our clients needs and can take their concept, mission, or payload from the idea stage right through to commercialisation or active service. We are able to support the whole technology readiness spectrum.

UAV Manufacturing

ISS Aerospace has been actively bringing in house more and more of the manufacturing stages of our bespoke unmanned aerial vehicles. We are able to produce all of the mechanical components of our drone airframes in house. We utilise 3D printing, to include plastic, carbon fibre, steel, titanium and aluminium. Utilising cutting edge CNC mills and routers we are also able to rapidly produce machined aluminium components and sheet carbon fibre materials.

UAS Simulation & Analytics

We have the ability to simulate both in software and hardware in the loop situations. We use all available tools at our disposal to ensure the best option and design route is followed. Stress analysis and detailed CAD analytics is carried out on every project. We are also able to harvest the vast amount of data available in the current unmanned air vehicle market and bring meaningful conclusions from vast data sets.

Global Field Operations

We have conducted operations and supported our clients on all 7 continents. We have worked with and delivered our products to over 30 countries and territories across the globe. So we are well versed in mobilisation of support services and the associated logistics. Roles have included technical and advisory, support and logistics, servicing and repair as well as flight operations and systems delivery and commissioning.

Integration of Commercial and Military Off the Shelf Technology

As well as bespoke systems, payloads and components. We are specialised in using commercial and military of the shelf components to their full potential. Ruggedizing and IP rating where needed, and integrating into our overall system architecture. This allows us to be a nimble developer of unmanned systems. If the solution doesn’t already exist however, we will design and manufacture it ourselves.

Payload Systems & Sensors

We recognised very early in the initial developing stages of the industrial drone industry that it is the payload and mission that is key, and to some extent the most important component of any unmanned aerial system. Our cored ideology has been to be able to take any clients mission objective or payload, and completely bespoke build around that a complete end to end system. This includes R&D on the payload and sensor system if it is not a current technology In existence .

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